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Artist Profile: Koco & Viking

April 19, 2015 – 5:12 pm | 67 views

Sometimes life is full of bumps on the road so it’s encouraging to know there is always someone who has your back. Why not show some love and encouragement to that someone with hoop art from Koco & Viking? Based in Pismo Beach, California, Jasmine Dexter creates meaningful hoop art with quotes such as, “Always remember you are loved” and “May my heart be kind, my spirit fierce, and …

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Artist Profile: Panic in Polkadots

March 22, 2015 – 1:41 pm | 187 views

Do you have a big sweet tooth? We sure do, a big sweet tooth for Alameda-based Katie McKinnon’s adorable plush treats! Taking the island and beyond by storm comes Panic in Polkadots, bringing with her a brilliant eye for vintage fabrics and a very official degree in Awesome, making her a connoisseur of cute to the sugary sweet-craving masses.  Her hand-sewn buddies come in all colors, shapes and sizes, so just because you’ve seen one plushie doesn’t mean you’ve seen them all. They each are one of a kind and have a character of their own, so don’t be surprised if you see an angry cupcake staring back at you while the ice cream cone next to him sports a grin.

Katie McKinnon from Panic in Polkadots

Katie McKinnon from Panic in Polkadots

Panic in Polkdot’s Story
“Everything in my shop is designed and handcrafted by me, using re-inspired, vintage and new materials. For me, not a scrap of fabric, bottle-cap, or button goes wasted, I find a use for most everything. I strive to use secondhand and vintage fabrics whenever possible, as well as reclaimed items such as neckties, t-shirts, curtains, aprons and more! I welcome custom orders, so let me know if something inspires you!”

Little cupcake plushies

Little cupcake plushies

Katie’s Past Life
“In my other life, I used to decorate cakes and serve creamy ice cream! In this new year, I am open to learning new things, including: screenprinting t-shirts, marketing research for retail items, and bartending in an Italian restaurant. I still love ice cream, and I still assist a renowned pastry chef from time to time!”

Little ice cream cone plushies

Little ice cream cone plushies

Fun Facts
“I have an orange cat named Lucy who loves to walk on a leash, and thinks she is a dog.

I am the biggest fan of Huey Lewis and the News, because it’s HIP to be SQUARE!

I collect neckties, anything with umbrellas, film cameras, vhs tapes, and tattoos.

My spirit animal is the elephant. (: ”

modermouse5Katie’s Other Aliases
“‘Umbrella’ because I collect them, both in physical form, and in tattoos :P ”


Handmade Highlights: DIY Tree Ring Aisle Marker Craft via Foreignspell

March 15, 2015 – 6:16 pm | 167 views

Artist Profile: Deborah Sullivan Art

March 8, 2015 – 3:13 pm | 161 views

Straight out of our island of Alameda, Deborah Sullivan heats up the Winter with her lovely glass housewares! Each set of coasters has a design to tie the set together, but is in a range of colors. This is great for telling apart whose beverage is whose, which can be a serious issue in some households, hehe. Recently added to her beautiful collection are matching glass dishes to the Bee …

Saint Patrick’s Day Gift Guide!

March 2, 2015 – 6:17 pm | 249 views

Here in the States when you mention Saint Patrick’s Day, the majority of folks will immediately associate the holiday with the colors of the Irish flag: green, white and orange! In addition to that, most of us will celebrate by going out with friends and family for food and drinks or staying in for a green party. Traditionally, St. Paddy’s is a day of spiritual renewal for the sake of …

Handmade Highlights: 2014 Year in Review by Kuro-Same Arts

February 23, 2015 – 12:45 pm | 236 views

Still thinking about 2014? I don’t blame you. I think it is pretty natural to compare a lot of the new year’s happenings to the previous year, hence why Kuro-Same enjoys recapping the year’s activities to push forward towards the new year. Out with the old and in with the new, but with a thorough retrospective that helps us learn. 2014 was a big year for a lot of folks

Artist Profile: Yes & Yes Designs

February 7, 2015 – 6:59 pm | 249 views

Re-purposing old objects are a great way to reduce, reuse and combine the new with the old. Yes & Yes Designs uses new technology (laser cutting) and old unwanted books to create unique and colorful accessories that are truly one of a kind. Laura Bruland Shields, founder of Yes & Yes, is based right out of Oakland. Sometimes our artists’ businesses change so much, that they need to revamp their …

Handmade Highlights: Jody Cedzidlo Interviewed by Bett Wilson Foley of Chatham Arts Council

February 1, 2015 – 2:22 pm | 262 views

[Although she's all the way on the other side of the States, Jody is one of those artists we just have way too much fun interacting with via emails. The fact that she's in North Carolina and we're in California doesn't seem to make a difference, her amazingly fun attitude translates through text very well. Reading up on this article by Bett Foley of the Chatham Arts Council in NC

Artist Profile: Hooray Today

January 25, 2015 – 2:34 pm | 229 views

Hooray Today! Just saying it puts a smile on my face. :] Those of us who love cards and bold graphics, so everyone, rejoice! Hooray Today creates fun and colorful stationary that will brighten up anyone’s day, any day of the year. Allison Black and Alyssa Nassner founded Hooray Today in 2014 as a creative outlet from their day jobs. They are based in Minneapolis, MN, their cards having traveled …

Handmade Highlights: don’t hate, decorate. | Feed the Fish Co.

January 17, 2015 – 5:06 pm | 279 views

[Say hello to Erin Garcia of Feed the Fish Co! This amazingly fun El Cerrito-based artist started with us at the Mouse only last year, but has quickly grown to be one of our favorite folks all around. You may have caught her in-store browsing around or met Erin at one of our Sunday Crafternoons already, but you'll quickly notice that her quirky craftiness is hard to resist. On Erin's

Artist Profile: Artery Press

January 10, 2015 – 12:15 pm | 314 views

One of the things I love about linocuts or most prints pulled from a press is the embossing that is left behind. It’s a physical memory that someone (the artist) took their time to plan, draft, carve and pull this print to share with the world. I’m very happy to introduce to you one of our newest artists that does just that, Bernadette Martinez from Artery Press! Bernadette hand pulls …